UI Capture eases the creation of Immersive 3D Tours

Date Online: 2021-10-25

Elevating 3D Tours with the Enhanced UiCapture App

Our updated UiCapture App isn’t just about speed; it’s an all-encompassing solution designed to augment the quality and efficiency of creating immersive 3D tours, specifically optimized for users of the Ricoh Theta Z1.

Enhanced Features for Ricoh Theta Z1 Users

For professionals employing the Ricoh Theta Z1, the UiCapture App promises an enriched user experience. We understand the need for high-quality HDR imaging and seamless pano alignment, and this application is engineered to deliver precisely that.

Automated HDR and Pano Alignment

With the UiCapture App, handling HDR becomes an automated process, eliminating the complexities and ensuring that every image captured is of the highest quality. The app aligns your panos with precision, ensuring that the final visual output is seamless and engaging.

Project Management Made Easy

Your projects are crucial, and managing them effectively is non-negotiable. The UiCapture App is equipped with features that not only allow you to manage your projects effectively but also separates different floors with ease, ensuring that each aspect of your property is detailed distinctly.

Direct Integration with Urbanimmersive Platform

In the spirit of efficiency, the UiCapture App allows you to send your projects directly to our Urbanimmersive platform. This direct integration is designed to save time and enhance the workflow, ensuring that your immersive 3D tours are accessible and can be managed effectively.



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