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28th February 2020
How Realtors Can Generate More Leads With Single-Property Websites

There is no denying that the real estate industry is becoming more and more inundated with eager new professionals on a daily basis. Not only are the tons of agents racing their way to get their license but there are tons of other service providers like real estate photographers fighting to build a [...]

26th February 2020
The Real Estate Photographer’s Guide To Getting Great Reviews

We have entered the era of social proof.  Whereas people used to choose the businesses they wanted to work with based on word of mouth from people they knew, they now turn to anyone and everyone with an opinion via online reviews. Of course, online reviews are largely beneficial to the consume[...]

24th January 2020
How Many Photos Do Listings Really Need?

Obviously, there is no question that photos are a vital part of marketing any listing. We have all seen stats like these which prove that they are more than worth the investment: - 87% of home buyers rely on online images to make their buying decision (National Association of Realtors, 2018). - Ho[...]

13th December 2019
Product announcement! Lattice design got an upgrade!

Lattice provides a modern, sleek, single property marketing website experience, now with agent branding right at the top. We already found a lot of options and customization in this design but why not give more flexibility to it!! Music With music auto-play browser restrictions, Lattice design now[...]

20th September 2019
6 Social Media Accounts To Follow In Real Estate 

One of the best ways for any professional to grow personally and within their career is to find others that have achieved similar goals.  In the past, that meant looking for a rare mentorship, hiring a coach, or reading a book.  Luckily, in this modern era of real estate and technology, [...]

13th August 2019
How Real Estate Photographers Can Stretch Their Marketing Budget Further

As you build your real estate photography business, it pays to be strategic with your marketing budget. Of course, you already know that you have to spend money to make money but not all marketing methods are created equally. You need to know how to measure one strategy against another for the pote[...]

16th July 2019
How Real Estate Photographers Can Set Themselves Apart On Social

With more and more photographers choosing to specialize in real estate, it is more important than ever before that you are able to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is especially true when it comes to your online and social presence because most consumers and real estate agents are [...]

2nd July 2019
How To Follow Up With Real Estate Agents Without Looking Desperate

As a real estate photographer, you already know how vital it is that you follow up with real estate agents that you are attempting to partner with for referrals. However, following up is an art form and it is not always an easy one to learn. In fact, if you are anything like most business owners, [...]

18th June 2019
6 Savvy Marketing Tips For Real Estate Photographers

Are you struggling to get the word out about your talents as a real estate photographer? Would you like to learn simple and easy ways to help more real estate agents and sellers find you online? Do you need help to set yourself apart from other real estate photographers in a way that makes people [...]

6th June 2019
Reasons Why More Photographers Should Consider Charging Cancellation Fees

The real estate industry moves at a speed that doesn’t allow us to take a break. Between photo shoots, post-production work, and management tasks, real estate photographers find out fast that time is money, literally. To make sure that time and money are not wasted, many photographers charge [...]



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