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4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Single Property Website for Each Individual Listing

The world we live in today is a digital one, and searching for a home is no different. Buyers look for properties online first. They search for the perfect location and neighborhood, compare homes on the market, make their list of top choices, and t

Make Your Life Easier by Finding the Right Online Ordering System

Usually, an online ordering system helps your business's growth and hopefully makes your life easier. Truth be told, too many real estate photographers choose inadequate online ordering systems for their website, and unfortunately, the frustration t

Facebook and Real Estate Brokerage: Become a Social Media Expert

In 2017, there were 19 million Canadians on Facebook. The numbers do not lie: You cannot succeed as a real estate broker with no active presence on the largest social network in the world. Are you harvesting the full potential o

Become Your Neighbourhood's Go-To Real Estate Agent

In real estate, the location of a property for sale is a determining factor for buyers, and your knowledge of it is a great way to prove your expertise as a professional real estate broker. Knowing your sector well increases the trust of y

What Steps Should a Real Estate Broker Take to Ensure the Success of an Open House?

If you are a real estate broker, you already know that open houses are a great way to draw attention. Do it properly and you could end the day with an offer and a handful of new customers! Promote the Open House The Future Belongs to the Interne

Real Estate: More Than Ever, Content Is King of Online Marketing

The importance and power of content marketing online are no longer debated, and its reign is far from over! Content. This two-syllable word is greater than we think! When you work on content and perfect it with skill, it&n

What Should a Real Estate Broker Say (And Not Say!) When Prospecting FSBOs?

Not everybody has what it takes to be a real estate broker: Most FSBOs (For Sale by the Owner) turn to professionals sooner or later to speed up the sale of their property. Websites like DuProprio tell sellers that they could profit from handli

Cleaning up a Property for Sale from Top to Bottom: The Key to a Successful Photo Shoot

Real estate brokers know that the best way to sell a home is to publish photographs that show it at its best. But the thing is, your time is precious, and that of your client and your real estate photographer is too. Fortunately, there are sev

The Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer Anymore

Developed by Microsoft and preinstalled on Windows computers, Internet Explorer has fallen into disuse since its arrival on the market years ago. Browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are more popular than eve

Choosing a Real Estate Photographer: How to Increase the Value of a Property

It all starts on the internet: 92% of people planning to buy a house will go online first, out of simple curiosity. And this is when they start thinking numbers...  First impressions are directly related to the sale of a property because&


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