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Transition to Urbanimmersive: A New Chapter for Tourbuzz Clients!

Starting October 1, 2023, we're excited to transition all Tourbuzz clients to the Urbanimmersive platform. Urbanimmersive combines the familiar features of Tourbuzz with a modern user interface and enhanced tools, offering photographers innovative solutions to manage their workflows efficiently. Join us in exploring a platform designed to cater to your evolving needs while maintaining the essence of the Tourbuzz you know and love.


Turn Real Estate Photography Into A Beautiful Business

Real estate photography is a volume business with high customer service expectations. Maximizing profits means minimizing the time required to manage every job while delivering stellar customer experience. Our end-to-end platform is what you need to get the job done fast and make more revenue.

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What's New?


In addition to our immersive 3D tours, we now offer a new virtual experience with our Dollhouses. They introduce a different perspective and a more in-depth look of the property. Our Dollhouse is fully integrated into our 3D tours and allows interaction in the 3D environment so that visitors can more clearly perceive the house’s dimensions.

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Whether you're a one-person shop or have a growing staff of photographers, our platform takes care of processing your photos and highlighting them.

Single Property Website

Add value to your service. Provide your clients with a beautiful, customizable and robust single property website in just a few clicks.

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Immersive 3D Tour

You can now take advantage of the most complete and cost-effective immersive 3D tour solution on the market! Our 3D Tours are immersive virtual tours emulating real 3D environments using spherical images. The 3D tours are created directly using the Tourbuzz single property website platform, and images are produced with 360 cameras.

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Floor Plan

Our floor plans are created from your 3D tour. There are easy to create and fully editable.

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Media Delivery

Simplify your work and provide a branded delivery page media to your clients.

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HDR Image Processing

Our fully integrated panoramic HDR cloud image processing within our single property website and image delivery solutions is specifically tailored to increase your productivity. When used with your Ricoh Theta Z1 multi-exposure HDR option, our cloud-based image processing solution will provide the best image quality you can get from your Z1. Trying it is adopting it! Note that the HDR option can also be use with other 360 images.

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Real Estate Video

Be efficient. Take advantage of the most powerful solution for real estate video slideshows rendering.

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UI Capture

The App is a considerable time-saver for photographers. It aims at simplifying and standardizing the processes of capturing visual content and the post-production of 3D tours. The UI Capture App connects to the 360 cameras and by only using a one-click button, automatically takes charge of controlling all the parameters required for the 3D photo-shooting session.

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Business Solution

Our Business Solution is offered to all real estate photographers free to use. Whether you’re a one-person business or have a growing staff of shooters, our platform handles every aspect of running a professional real estate photography business, such as online bookings on your website, real-time scheduling, content delivery, invoicing and more.

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So yesterday I shot one of the largest properties I’ve ever done. All floors combined, the property is over 8000 sq. ft. It only took 1 hour and about 100 panos to photograph the whole house. I wasn’t sure how it would work out as there were many ways to exit and enter the home. I was able to get a great feel of the home since I also went shooting outside with the camera. It came together seamlessly. I am impressed and so was my client. She booked 3 more shoots for next week.

Kevin J. Wohlers - NY, USA

"I am beyond happy with how this turned out and excited to put this together as a package option for our clients as an alternative to the Matterport products. And the floor plans also exceeded my expectations."

Monica Donahue - Homes in Focus - ON, Canada

"Love your 3D Pocket Websites! They are fast to shoot, no monthly fee and offer so much added value! That allows me to be more competitive on price while making better margins!"

Dominic Claing - Graphic ID Solutions - Canada (> 3K shoots/year)

"Love love love the AI automatic room naming tool."

Charlie - Real Estate Photographer - IL, USA

The all-in-one platform system is perfect but waht I use the most is the 3D tours and floor plan because there is no monthly fee! With Urbanimmersive, I can focus on what I like most… real estate photography! Thank you Urbanimmersive!

ABCO Photos - QC, Canada

Compatible on many listing platforms



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