Single Property Website

Environments have character, so should their visual experience

The modern client needs more than stimulating images to make a connection and show interest in a place. Other factors such as school districts, businesses within walking distance, and neighborhood information are examples of how integration between data and beautiful imagery can deliver value. Our single property designs seamlessly blend these needs together in an easy to consume, interactive experience.

Tourbuzz Premium Single Property Website - Customizable options for every job, no matter the size.

Our platform, your brand. Photography is a local business, and we built our platform to help you thrive by creating a look and message all your own. Display tours via your personal URL. No Tourbuzz branding. All branded tours (and IDX-compatible tours in supported MLS markets) prominently feature your branding, providing enhanced viral exposure to help you grow your business.

If you can shoot it, we can make it look amazing. Whether your customers want beautiful slideshows or a single property web experience, Tourbuzz presents your imagery in a way that will set you apart from the competition.

Limitless Customizations

Our website design engine offers unparalleled control over the look and feel of every single property and 3D Pocket Websites™ experience. Whether you have demanding customers, want to stand out in your market, or need to match the visual to a customer's brand, we have you covered. Choose a design template and then adjust fonts, colors, logos, and more to quickly dial in a look that's truly one in a million.


Flyers can come in handy in the real estate industry. Customize high-quality printable flyers to fit your needs with 4 awesome templates that can be color customized. All the property details and agent contact information entered will automatically show up on the flyer. You can select images to be included and easily change the presentation order.


Our platform automatically counts the number of visitors and tracks referring sites. All of those stats are accessible within the Client Panel, and you can set up automatic email campaigns to send these stats to them.

Social Media Video

One-click video slideshow delivers branded and unbranded versions of the single property or the 3D Pocket Website™ in video (.mp4) format. Background music, narration tracks, and video slideshow settings are all preserved in the video format. Videos are approximately 5 minutes long with some media at the end of the tour that may be skipped. Additionally, videos can now be automatically pushed to your client YouTube channel.

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Diverse Multimedia Support

Beyond still photography, we know how essential media are to your growing business. With best-in-class integrated hosting of a vast array of visual content media types, our behind-the-scenes technologies seamlessly combine all of these formats into one cohesive experience.

Client Panel

The Client Panel is a simple login-based admin area where your customers can download tour images, edit their tours (select music, rearrange/hide images, rename the images, add descriptions), edit the flyers, edit or download their 3D tours, and more. Take a look at our new improved Client Panel.

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Floor Plan Hotspot Editor

Use our integrated floor plan hotspot editor to easily drag and drop hotspot images to your floor plans and provide more contextual visual content information.

HDR Image Processing

Our fully integrated panoramic HDR cloud image processing within our single property website and image delivery solutions is specifically tailored to increase your productivity. When used with your Ricoh Theta Z1 multi-exposure HDR option, our cloud-based image processing solution will provide the best image quality you can get from your Z1. Trying it is adopting it! Note that the HDR option can also be use with other 360 images.

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More cool stuff just for professional real estate photographers!

Tourbuzz is much more than an enterprise management solution for your visual content business, it's also access to the widest range of value-added products and services in the industry. Our tools are perfectly designed with your passion for our industry in mind.

Take the time to learn more about our other solutions specifically designed for real estate photographers.