HDR Solution

HDR Image Processing Productivity Solution

HDR (high dynamic range) photos are very popular in the real estate photography industry as they provide the most dynamic images by merging multiple different exposures, creating a perfect photo with perfect lighting.

Because real estate photography is a volume business, the primary objective of all professional photographers is to reduce the manipulation of images. Our HDR image processing solution enables the reduction of image manipulation because it's fully integrated within our single website property, image delivery, and ordering processes.

Quick Upload Process

Upload all your exposures directly from the single website property creation screen. The upload is fast, reliable and enables you to add or remove images before starting the HDR fusion process.

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Easily Organize Groups

Quickly organize your exposures by frame. Easily drag and drop images from one frame to another when necessary.

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Set HDR Instructions

To maximize the fusion results, our HDR image processing will need to know if the image was taken during day or night time. You can quickly assign one setting to all images and change them for specific images. It is quick, intuitive and provides excellent results.

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Real Time HDR Fusion

Don't overload the resources on your computer — take advantage of our high-performing render farm servers to obtain your HDR images quickly. See rendering progress in real-time and be alerted once the process is completed.

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Import Results in Tour

Once the HDR fusion completed, you can import the processed images within the single property website or the image delivery page. You can also download images on your computer for final editing jobs.

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Our HDR image processing service is included in our single website property and/or content delivery solutions at no additional cost.

We are rolling out a partner PREMIUM HDR process in different regions of the world in a BETA mode. This third party PREMIUM HDR process is providing a solution consisting of a series of sophisticated and intelligent proprietary algorithms that on top of automatically merging multiple exposures, apply a set of image-specific editions to your real estate images such as vertical alignment and correction, automated window blends, lenses barrel distortion, lens pincushion distortion, noise reduction, sharpening, white balance correction, contrast adjustments and more - all without human touch.

Now, let's talk about other cool stuff just for real estate professional photographers...

With everything in one place, your clients will receive an unparalleled customer experience. By giving agents the option to manage their own processes, we can drastically reduce the amount of care that your customers will need. Again, we are constantly striving to put more hours to profit into your busy workday.

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