Image Delivery

Deliver your real estate images like a pro with Tourbuzz!

With the right tools, the process of delivering your real estate photographs will become a part of your brand. Your real estate agents will find, in one easy to use delivery page, all visual content formats and sizes they need to post on their different platforms.

MLS Compliant

Tourbuzz works with all MLS in the US and Canada to ensure that our unbranded property websites, videos, and images size are always compliant with MLS evolving rules.

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A.I. automatically tag and classify your property photos

Having images named and properly tagged increases their value by helping listings to be more easily found via search engines. Additionally, this tool provides greater visual content data, enhanced navigation, and facilitates the user experience.  Thanks to our machine-learning A.I, the task of categorizing still pictures is fast, fun, and above all effective.

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HDR Image Processing

Our fully integrated panoramic HDR cloud image processing within our single property website and image delivery solutions is specifically tailored to increase your productivity. When used with your Ricoh Theta Z1 multi-exposure HDR option, our cloud-based image processing solution will provide the best image quality you can get from your Z1. Trying it is adopting it! Note that the HDR option can also be use with other 360 images.

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Add your watermark

Identify and secure your work by watermarking before delivering your images to your clients. You have indeed the ability to watermark your images that will be applied to your downloadable MLS as per cascading preferences.

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Download Center

Once your images are delivered, it is now easy for your clients to download and edit them in the Client Panel. They have the choice of small, large, and print quality pictures in order to fit all types of requirements.

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More cool stuff just for professional real estate photographers!

Tourbuzz is much more than an enterprise management solution for your visual content business, it's also access to the widest range of value-added products and services in the industry. Our tools are perfectly designed with your passion for our industry in mind.

Take the time to learn more about our other solutions specifically designed for real estate photographers.